Andrew D. Basiago

25 February 2014

andrew_basiago7Andrew D. Basiago is a Vancouver lawyer of apparently high repute. As a side project, he runs Project Pegasus, a group dedicated to lobbying the government to release the secrets of teleportation and time travel for the benefit of mankind. Basiago also refers to himself as “the discoverer of life on Mars.” he claims to be one of two “planetary-level whistle blowers” predicted by Web bot.

Basiago enjoyed a successful career as a journalist and lawyer until sometime in 2008, when he started submitting academic papers to the National Geographic Society about aliens, buildings, forests, and animals that he was seeing in blurry Mars rover photographs.

Participation in DARPA experiments

After friends and family apparently failed to seek a diagnosis for Basiago, he suddenly remembered in 2010 that he had been a child participant in a top secret DARPA programme experimenting with time travel and teleportation in the early 1970s.[1] These technologies were invented of course by that old conspiracy theorist dead horse, Nikola Tesla.
Basiago claims to have travelled one million years into the past, as well as having been present at Lincoln’s Gettysberg address and having visited 2045. He revealed all this, as they all do, in numerous interviews with Coast to Coast AM.
Allegedly he was accompanied in his travels by his partner, a talking dog.
[edit]Travel to Mars

Following Basiago’s continued mental decline, he now claims to have teleported to Mars in the 1980s as an Earth ambassador to the Martian civilisation. This is strange because when he published his article nearly three decades later, he claims to have been “astonished” to discover life on Mars. Then again, he is a time-traveller, so who are we to nitpick the chronology?
Along with William B. Stillings, an equally strange comrade he dug up somewhere, Basiago now claims that President Obama was a fellow Mars traveller back in the day, then living under the moniker “Barry Soetoro.” Basiago and Stillings say they met Obama on Mars, and the government is now covering up the president’s space travel past. One can only hope perhaps someday the cover-up will end so at last the story can be told of Barack Obama: Time-Travelin’ Mars Ranger from Harvard.
Basiago has also announced his candidacy for the US Presidential election in 2016.[1]



  1. I;m one for listening to really weird stories; I even believe in alien abductions. We’ve all seen the movies where the seemingly crazy people really are telling the truth. But once he said talking dog and that Obama is in on the time traveling stuff, I lost faith in it.

  2. Yeh me too, think he goes too far with that and makes him unbelievable…

  3. I recently saw the episode of “Conspiracy Theory with Jessie Ventura” that featured him and the alleged Pegasus Project. He seemed a bit off to me as well. I do not discount that the government may have tried to time travel, It is the stories of the successes that make me a skeptic of this story.

  4. Too far? too far from what? the walls of your imagination that anything is possible…or um, possible because that’s as far as you are willing to go without the subject matter being judged as “too weird”? Hmm, alien abductions?

  5. I have actually taken the time to listen to Basiagos full 6 hour talk. I have also views his apperance on Jessie Venturas TV program as well as his interviews on coast to coast and other internet radio shows. Normally when Basiago is able to control the pace at which he is giving the infomation he will usually tend to stick to a VERY regimented story however when he was placed under a little pressure on Conspiracy Theory he made several mistakes in his story that when questioned about it simply palms is of as a slip of the toungue. The fact is anyone with any know how on what to look for in a lier would know in no time at all that Basiago has fabricated his story to the Nth degree. For example, the over use of exacting details in what would normaly be a very unexciting event is and example of the brain making up events to attempt to make the story seem plausable. The simple fact that someone at the age Basiago clamed to be at the time of his story would be evidence enough to anyone would common sence that a child between the ages of 4 – 7 simply can NOT retain the amount of infomation he puts in to his storys, and certainly not 40+ years after the fact!
    When Basiago first went public, his story seemed like there COULD be some truth to it as his facts were to the point and his story breif, it was also ONLY about time travel and nothing more. As time as gone on and Basiagos over active imagination has been able to effect his story telling his claims have now got from simple and effective to a stupidly complicated story that now claims far to much to be taken seriously. In one interview Basiago claimed that his one of his brothers had also teleported with him however NONE of his family have ever been able to back up his story rather he has some crack pots called William Stillings and Bernard Mendez, the latter being someone who genuinely sounds like someone who couldnt tell you the truth if his life depended on it!
    All in all Basagios story is totally OTT and total BS!!

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